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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Reapeat Sessions

£ 200

3-4  hour session

Generally, one QHHT session should be sufficient to address your concerns at a particular point in time, however there may be circumstances or occasions where you may benefit from a repeat session. I have listed some indicative example below (by no means an exhaustive list.)

When should I have a repeat session? 

  • “I didn’t listen to my session recording…I didn't heed the advice nor the instructions the SC gave me…and now  I'm back to where I started...” 


This is the most common reason why people find themselves needing another session. I do my best to instil in my clients the importance of listening repeatedly to their session recording which contains all the wonderful advice and guidance offered by the SC. 

People would often experience a relapse into ill-health or find themselves in a similar set of difficult life circumstances in due course if they never listened to the recording or never took concrete steps to improve their life situation drawing on the advice received in the session from the SC.

It is up to you to choose to 'comply' with the call to inspired action advocated by your Higher Self. This is what free will is!


  • “I had a great time in the first session and just want to do it again…”

Another category of repeat clients are individuals who received profound insight in their first session and simply want to re-experience the unique feeling of being connected to the all-knowing Higher Self. 

I myself, as a QHHT practitioner, try to have regular sessions done on me every six months – this is because each session enhances our connection to the Higher Self and opens us up more and more to our inner guidance, intuition and creativity.

Also, it is not uncommon that the 'real juicy stuff' may be revealed in a subsequent session. In your first QHHT experience, the Higher Self will oftentimes reveal information that is absolutely essential to your life circumstances at that particular point in your life…while  in later sessions you may receive new insights concerning the broader context of your soul's journey.


in subsequent sessions you may also be more open to receiving new guidance or may find yourself more sensitive to picking up and processing subtler nuances of the information received. 

  • “My Higher Self recommended I should have another session”


It may happen that an individual’s SC may encourage them to have another session at a particular point in time in the future. The reason for this is usually revealed in the first session itself. Such cases are not the most common.

How soon may I have a repeat session?


Repeat sessions may be had at least four months after a prior session, however closer to six months is preferable. This ensures that the individual has had sufficient time to digest the experience and integrate the learning from the first session.


There are wide variations from person to person depending on the individual set of circumstances, therefore the above time span should be regarded as general guidance only.


What does a repeat session involve?

A repeat session follows the same format as a first-time / full QHHT session but is usually shorter in duration.


This is due to the reduced length of the interview and potentially a shorter induction segment if the Practitioner can avail of a keyword (a set combination of words chosen by the client in the first session) as a 'shortcut' to induce the client. 

In closing

Remember, hypnosis is only a tool, a mighty tool as it may be, to assist you in awakening to the inherent power which lies within you.


It is imperative that you take charge of your life and healing after each session instead of relying on 'external fixes’ which are ultimately an illusion.


  • £200 for a 3-4 hour session (no additional charge for overrunning as I charge per session and not hourly)

  • Concessions, sliding scale of cost or donation basis available in certain circumstances – please enquire at the time of booking.

  • Occasionally, I am happy to offer free sessions for research purposes, usually for individuals with rare medical conditions and/or where an individual has a strong connection with Higher Beings who wish to impart valuable information for the benefit of humanity. Please enquire at the time of booking.

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