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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Beyond the Traditional Past Life Regression

£ 250

5-7  hour session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) is a form of past life regression therapy developed and perfected by the late phenomenal Dolores Cannon over the course of more than 40  decades of dedicated and passionate work.

Why have a QHHT session?

One may choose to have a QHHT session for many reasons, however I have come to the conclusion that the common denominator is the pursuit of happiness and the quest for meaning. 
QHHT can be used to unlock guidance, insight and direction in relation to all kinds of issues, including physical ailments.  
Examples include, amongst others, the following: 

  • Soul and life purpose

  • Karmic relationships and lessons

  • Career choices

  • Romantic and love relationships

  • Past trauma

  • Physical or psychological ailments – root causes, repair and healing

  • Inexplicable events or experiences from the past (e.g., missing time, memory loss, supernatural experiences, ET contact, etc.)

  • Recurring dreams

  • Galactic lineage

  • General direction in life 

  • Out of curiosity

How is QHHT unique?

Like other forms of past life regression therapy, this technique allows an individual to gain access to one or more ‘past’ lives; this may also include ‘in-between lives’ visits to the spirit world or even ‘future’ lives. In any case, all lives shown are always pertinent and relevant to issues or situations in the client's current life.
Unlike some traditional forms of past life regression, QHHT offers the unique opportunity to contact and converse with one's Higher Self (also referred to as the Oversoul, Super-Conscious, Soul Consciousness, etc.)
Our Higher Self is the greatest power in the Universe –  it resides within us and is our connection to God / Source Energy/ the Universal Mind, etc. (you can use whatever terminology you feel most comfortable with). In the early days of her work, Dolores didn't know what to call this powerful force so she termed it simply "the Subconscious" (or, the "SC") – a term used to this day by QHHT practitioners.


The SC is not concerned with how one refers to it –  it is always there, present and willing to help any person with a genuine desire to access truth and healing ("Seek and you shall find"). In my work I ask the client what expression works best for them, and apply that expression during the hypnosis session.

What does a QHHT session entail?

A QHHT session consists of three parts – the interview, the 'actual hypnosis session' and de-briefing.


A session will last on average anywhere between 5 to 7 hours (but may be shorter or longer), if facilitated exactly as Dolores did, and with due care to the well-being and best interests of the client. The interview will take up at least half of the total session time but in practice it is oftentimes the longest part of the session.
All sessions are strictly confidential, and attendance is limited to the client and Practitioner only.


Much is shared and released in these sessions – sensitive information may be revealed about the client and/or their family. Some individuals may find it difficult to open up or release suppressed emotion in the presence of family members, therefore no other people except the client and the Practitioner are allowed into the session. However, clients are free to disclose and share details of the session with anyone they may wish to after the session, using their own judgment and discretion.
QHHT sessions are conducted in person only; telephone, Zoom or other online platforms are not acceptable.


In-person sessions are a strict guideline set by the QHHT Academy – the only body authorised to teach this technique, headed by Julia Cannon, daughter of Dolores Cannon. I was personally trained by Julia herself and completed my coursework and Levels 1 and 2 certification training under her guidance.

The Interview

During the interview, the Practitioner and the client spend time talking about the client and his / her life story, why the client wanted to have the session and what he / she wants to resolve through it. The interview can be compared to a counselling session in that a lot of emotional release may already take place during this stage.


The interview is a critical segment of the overall process as it helps client and Practitioner build rapport and trust – this is essential for the client in order to feel comfortable and safe 'opening up'. It also helps the Practitioner immensely since the more is shared during the interview, the better questions the Practioner can ask during the hypnosis part.

The client brings with him / her a list of questions that will be asked to the SC, and this list will be reviewed and discussed during the interview. For more information on preparation for the session, including writing down your questions, please refer to the segment below on How to prepare for a session.

The interview lasts a minimum of 2 hours.

'Actual Hypnosis Session'

This is the actual 'hypnosis' part of the session. Through guided visualisation, use of voice and relaxation techniques, the client is induced into a state of deep trance known as the Theta brainwave state. This is a natural state we experience twice daily – as we drift off to sleep at night and as we emerge out of sleep every morning. 
It is in this state that we gain access to the deepest recesses of our minds and become able to draw out information from other 'lives’ of our Oversoul. In hypnosis we are tapping into our right brain which governs our imagination, intuition and the connection to other realms. 

  • The ‘Past Life’ 

We will generally explore one or more 'past' lives which are most relevant to the client's current life situation. In some instances, the client may be shown past scenes from his / her current life that may be the root cause of specific challenges in the present moment (e.g., unresolved past traumas, etc.) In other cases, the client  may be shown a 'future' incarnation that holds relevance to his / her present life circumstances. 
What may ensue in a session is strictly individual and there may be wide variations from one person to another. However, in all instances the client's Higher Self is the director of the ‘movie’ – the SC will choose what to show the client and in what sequence.


The client will only receive the information that he / she may need at that particular point in time and what they can handle. The Practitioner is there as a facilitator –  a co-passenger following the direction set by the client's SC.
This part of the session is audio-recorded and the recording is shared with the client after the session. I strongly encourage all my clients to listen to their recording repeatedly.

  • The SC and Healing

Now it is time to contact the SC – this is the most sacred part of the experience. The energy levels in the room soar and both client and Practitioner are bathed in a current of warm, healing, intelligent energy. 
The Practitioner asks, one by one, the questions prepared by the client. The client's SC will speak through the client, hence the importance of the client having trust in the process and surrendering to the experience.


We can connect to our SC and receive guidance at any time… because this force is within us all the time. In a QHHT session it simply becomes 'easier' to tap into this infinite pool of knowledge as the conscious mind relaxes and allows for soul-level information to rise up to the surface.


Once the connection to the SC is established in this way, it becomes easier to gain access to It going forward while in everyday waking consciousness, too (what a huge ‘side’ bonus!) 
If the client comes to the session seeking physical healing, the Practitioner will ask the SC if it is appropriate and timely for the client to receive healing at that point in time. Not every person is ready to receive healing at all times. If this is the case, the SC will usually explain why healing cannot happen and what can be done instead.


Common reasons why healing may not happen include past life karma or instances where a healing may interfere with a person's life lessons in the current incarnation.
Full and complete healing may occur instantaneously in a single session, subject to the client's genuine desire to get better, to embrace the healing, and to accept personal responsibility for the direction of his / her life and well-being after the session.


A few examples of the amazing results that Dolores and her QHHT practitioners all over the world have achieved include the following (courtesy of the official QHHT® website):

  • Cancer of various types at various stages cleared

  • Cartilage reconstruction between joints

  • HIV cleared and eradicated

  • Heart healed with no surgery required

  • Liver fully functional –  regeneration and restoration

  • Kidney fully functional – regeneration and restoration

  • Wounds regeneration with no scarring

  • Migraines – root causes explained and removed

  • Vision – 20/20 eyesight restored without corrective vision intervention

  • Diabetes – causes explained and cleared

  • Intestines – various conditions cleared

  • Back – middle and lower area problems cleared

  • Neck/Shoulder – pain identified and causes cleared

  • Lungs problems identified and cleared 

  • Skin problems identified and cleared

Remember, there are no guarantees that a dis-ease or an ailment will be cleared or healed – it all depends on the genuine desire of the individual to get better; on his / her karmic entitlement; and on whether it is  'the right time' for the healing to happen.

This part of the session lasts approximately 2-3 hours.


The De-brief

Following the hypnosis experience, client and Practitioner will discuss the key points revealed during the hypnosis, the client’s impressions, learning points, next steps, etc. The Practitioner may also provide guidance on 'grounding' so the client can assimilate the experience better.

It is imperative that the client should listen regularly to their session recording after returning to his / her normal daily routine. This is required in order to integrate the messages received from the SC and to solidify the healing.
The debrief lasts approximately 30 min.

Accept personal responsibility for your healing

QHHT® can be a deeply transformative experience – it can provide insight, guidance and healing, in a physically non-invasive and gentle way.


As with all things in life, however, the overall attitude and sense of personal responsibility of the client is of paramount importance when it comes to assessing the overall 'success' of the session and the results achieved. 
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and my role as a practitioner is to facilitate this process. All healing comes from the client's Higher Self, not from the Practitioner. Therefore, the general attitude of the client towards the process and his / her genuine desire to heal are prerequisite conditions for the 'success' of the session.
I cannot emphasise enough the importance of personal responsibility in taking charge of one's life and healing after the session – QHHT is by no means a magic wand or a silver bullet.


Most people would experience a profound shift of awareness or understanding during a session, which will act as the trigger for them to effect positive changes in their lives. Oftentimes, an individual may need to take concrete (and sometimes drastic) steps to turn his / her life around for the better. 
Ultimately, it is an exercise of one's free will as to how one chooses to go about one's life after the session, including whether to follow the advice given by the Higher Self.


Gaia is a planet of free will and therefore we are all individually responsible for the experience we create for ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, in our daily lives, and collectively as a society. Refer to Dolores's video in the Resources section regarding managing expectations and accepting personal responsibility for one's healing.

More information about QHHT® 

You can find more information about QHHT® and the work of Dolores Cannon here.

On how to choose the right practitioner for you and what to expect from your QHHT session, read here.

My profile on the Global QHHT Practitioners Database can be accessed here.


  • £250 for a 5-7 hour session (no additional charge for overrunning as I charge per session and not hourly).

  • Concessions, sliding scale of cost or donation basis available in certain circumstances – please enquire at the time of booking.

  • Occasionally, I am happy to offer free sessions for research purposes, usually for individuals with rare medical conditions and/or where an individual has a strong connection with Higher Beings who wish to impart valuable information for the benefit of humanity. Please enquire at the time of booking.

How to prepare for a session

Before the session

  • Set your intention for the session!

Intention-setting is the most critical ingredient for the success of your session and I recommend you commence this process as soon as you have booked your session (this could be weeks before the actual date). 

​​Intention-setting consists in contemplating what you want to achieve in the session and sending a mental - emotional message to your Higher Self with your ‘wish list’.


It is the mental-emotional charge behind your intention that invokes your Higher Self and the Universe to assist you with guidance and answers. 

  • Prepare your list of questions!


This is an extension of the intention-setting process and involves the preparation of your list of questions to be asked to the SC during the hypnosis part of the session.

You can ask any type of question – practical or metaphysical. As this is your session, the questions must be about You and not someone else (unless this is a surrogate session). Common areas of interest for people include soul / life purpose, relationships, career, finances, health, etc.

It would help if you could organise the questions in 'categories' and start with the high-priority questions. This way we can utilise the available time in the best way possible and ensure we get answers to the most pressing questions.


We will also have an opportunity to review and discuss the questions together during the interview, and paraphrase some questions or add more questions.

  • Practise visualisation, relaxation and imagination!


If you are concerned about your ability to see images or to relax, it is advisable to practise some simple exercises in visualisation and relaxation over the days leading up to the session. Carve out some time to do this at least a few times prior to your session. Visualisation and relaxation are skills that can be developed. 

It may be helpful for some to keep in mind that visualisation is not required for a hypnosis session. It is in fact your imagination that counts. Some suggested exercises can be found under the
Resources section. 

  • Release your schedule for the day of the session!

On average, a QHHT session lasts between 5 to 7 hours but may take even longer (it all depends on the needs and circumstances of each individual). Therefore, you may wish to keep your day open so you have no urgent commitments to tend to before or after the session.


It is generally beneficial to allow for some time for introspection and reflection after the session. Consider treating yourself to a quiet evening so you can start processing and integrating the experience.

  • Watch your diet and beverages intake!

There are no dietary requirements or a particular food regimen that you must follow for the session. However, I would personally recommend that you try to follow a lighter diet over the days leading up to the session (e.g., more raw foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, more water, less heavy meats, etc.)


A lighter diet helps cleanse the body and fine-tune the energetic make-up of your physical structure so you are better able to pick up subtler, higher frequency messages. No pressure though – it’s entirely your call.

I would further advise against consuming alcoholic or caffeinated beverages on the day of the session or the evening before. If you need your regular coffee in the morning on the day of the session, please don’t skip that but keep it to a minimum as much as possible.

Avoiding recreational or any psychotropic drugs for at least a week before the session is also recommended. We would not want any chemicals to stand in the way of your connecting to your Higher Self…


If you take regular prescription medication, you may continue to do so. 

  • Have a good night's sleep!


Try to have a good sleep on the night before the session –  it's best if both body and mind are rested so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.


This way we could also hope to achieve a stronger connection to the Higher Self.

On the day of the session

  • Relax, relax, relax!


Don't feel pressured to 'perform.' It is your Higher Self that’s ‘on the job’ on the day of the session! You've already done your part by choosing to listen to your guidance system and booking yourself a session. Your sole responsibility on the day is to just relax and surrender to the process.

  • Leave your expectations at the door!


Having expectations of how things 'should' go or what type of information you 'should' receive in the session may interfere with the natural unfolding of the events. You may be surprised at how full of surprises the Higher Self is!


I jokingly recommend a ‘tabula rasa’ approach when it comes to expectations. Simply allow yourself to go with the flow…what better opportunity to do so than in a hypnosis session.


Your Higher Self is the master conductor here – nothing can go wrong and nothing goes wasted (even if it may take you some time after the session to realise this.)

  • Cut back on that relentless logic!

In hypnosis we work with the right part of the brain – the part which governs intuition, imagination, creativity, and the connection to other realms… in other words, anything that does not lend itself to a logical autopsy. It is therefore helpful to keep in mind that some or all of the information received may not be explicable within a strictly analytical framework.

You will have plenty of time to question and doubt everything after the session but on the day please allow yourself to entertain the unusual. It's real fun!

  • Bring your full ‘tummy’ to the session!


Please come to the session on a full stomach and sufficiently hydrated. You may also bring some snacks with you (e.g., nuts, banana, apple or whatever else you fancy that can be consumed in a quick and clean way) which you may consume during the interview (if necessary).


You will need a proper meal after the session to help you ground. 

After the session

  • Listen to your session recording repeatedly!

Listening to the recording is an essential part of your QHHT experience. The best time to listen is when you are in a peaceful, calm and receptive state (such as before going to bed.)


The session isn’t over when it’s over – in fact, physical and psychological healing may continue long after the end of session as the information received is processed and integrated each time you listen to the recording.


This helps the guidance received sink deeper in your conscious awareness allowing you to establish conscious contact with your Higher Self, the force that is  doing the actual healing. Oftentimes, you may receive further information or insight long after the session as you continue listening to the recording.

DO NOT listen to the recording while driving as you may be inadvertently induced in a hypnotic state.

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can QHHT be applied for healing of any medical conditions?
    QHHT may be applied for almost any type of medical condition. There are very few exceptions – Multiple Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia. These conditions can be problematic as the practitioner may have difficulty identifying which Personality he/she is communicating with. This can result in confusion for both practitioner and client. Surrogate sessions could be instead considered as an alternative
  • Can anyone be hypnotised?
    As per the above, the answer is ‘yes’ – but only if you allow it. There are varying degrees of hypnotic states – lighter and deeper. Examples of lighter states (the Alpha state) often observed are when ‘lost’ watching TV or driving without remembering the content of what we saw or how we got to our destination. In QHHT we aim to access the deeper state of hypnosis characterised by the Theta brainwave state. Practising regularly meditation or any form of relaxation, stillness or mindful practice, visualisation exercises, and very important – being relaxed, trusting and letting go of expectations on the day of your session, are all great aids in your toolbox to achieve the desired depth of hypnotic state.
  • How to choose the right practitioner for me?
    Your starting point should be the Global Practitioners Listing on the official QHHT website (link below) where you can find certified practitioners close to you. The most important thing is to choose a practitioner that you resonate with and with whom you will feel comfortable. Trusting your practitioner is the key ingredient for the success of your session. The level of experience of a practitioner is not as critical a factor as trust. I recommend you follow your ‘gut feeling’ rather you’re your reasoning mind in this decision.
  • How to prepare for a session?
    Please read How to prepare for a Session segment on the webpage.
  • How to prepare for a session?
    Please read How to prepare for a Session segment [include a hyperlink] on the webpage.
  • I’m afraid of what I may find out in the session… Any advice?
    You will only receive the information that you are ready to receive and able to digest and handle at this point in time. The SC is your ally and will not reveal any details that may harm you in any way, mentally or physically. If the SC concludes that the individual may not be ready to handle certain information, the SC will usually say that further details will be revealed at another time.
  • How to prepare for a session?
    Please read How to prepare for a Session segment [include a hyperlink] on the webpage.
  • Is QHHT / hypnosis safe?
    Yes, QHHT / hypnosis is a completely safe and natural process. Unfortunately, there are many myths and misrepresentations surrounding hypnosis. Please refer to the video on debunking hypnosis myths under the Resources section. As with all healing being self-healing, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis – the practitioner cannot overpower the free will of the client. As the client, you always have a choice to engage or disengage at any point during the session. Your SC is the ultimate orchestrator of your session experience, and it will not allow any bodily or mental-emotional harm to occur during a session. Your trust and openness in the process can greatly facilitate your overall experience.
  • What is a ‘past’ life? I’ve heard time is a made-up construct…
    Yes, indeed – time is not real and everything EXISTS at the same time (as you may have come across in Dolores’ books). As such, our 'past lives' are not really 'past'. We live in a multidimensional and multi-layered universe – in this sense, our 'past lives' are simultaneously existing aspects of our Oversoul, each one on their own journey through time and space, yet interconnected within the fabric of the Oversoul... This explains why through visiting a 'past life' we can gain insight into our current life and 'heal it' from deep within! What is more, by focusing on your spiritual development in the current life, you can help 'heal' those 'past lives' too. Everything is malleable and ready to evolve in the Multiverse...
  • What is a surrogate session and when is it recommended?
    A surrogate session refers to a session when a third-person (a ‘surrogate’) experiences a session on someone else’s behalf. The session is conducted in the normal way, the only exception being that the SC part of the hypnosis session is dedicated to the individual for whom the session is conducted. The surrogates are usually close family members but could also be unrelated individuals with somnambulistic abilities (i.e., able to access the deeper states of hypnosis). Surrogate sessions are usually recommended in the following circumstances: on behalf of minors (i.e., children under the age of 16-17) given that their minds may not be developed enough to be able to distinguish between what is revealed in a session and their current life; there are also ethical issues involved regarding free will and being able to digest the experience from the perspective if an adult mind. on behalf of adults with impaired abilities to understand or communicate effectively, or unable to travel to attend a session for various reasons (e.g., advanced Alzheimer's sufferers, hospitalised individuals in a critical condition, etc.)
  • Will I be aware / conscious during the session?
    Most likely ‘yes’. In decades past most people used to have an ‘amnesia’ experience with the conscious mind completely ‘switched off’ emerging out of the session not remembering a single thing (Dolores referred to this as the ‘somnambulistic’, or the deepest, state of hypnosis.) In recent years the way people experience hypnosis has changed and nowadays most people remain either fully or partially aware during sessions. This is a natural phenomenon as humanity is gradually waking up on a global scale and ‘stepping up’ our game as conscious creators of our experience on Planet Earth. In my own practice to-date, I’ve had a single client who ‘woke up’ from the session with an amnesia. For more information on this evolving phenomenon, refer to the Resources section.
  • Will I need a follow-up session(s)?
    Generally, one QHHT session should be sufficient to address a particular issue, however there may be circumstances or occasions where a client may benefit from a repeat session. Please refer to the segment on Repeat Sessions for more details.
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