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Beyond Quantum Healing – BQH

Beyond Quantum Healing – BQH

£ 250

5-7 hours

Beyond Quantum Healing, or BQH, is a form of regressive hypnosis. It shares many similarities with QHHT® but is different in its application.


Ultimately, both modalities share the same goal of assisting us on our journey through life to reach our highest potential as spiritual beings
having a human experience. Both modalities can deliver amazing and, oftentimes, identical results.

What is BQH?


As a healing modality BQH rests on the core principles of QHHT® and is therefore often regarded as an off-shoot from the ‘pure’ QHHT® approach.


BQH was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman who was trained in QHHT® under Dolores Cannon herself achieving a Level 3 Practitioner certification. Candace worked closely with Dolores between 2008-2014, assisting Dolores in her live training courses and workshops.

Candace created BQH following her observations that as times were changing and humanity continued to evolve, there was a growing need for a unique personalised approach to healing where the Practitioner should be allowed to adapt the strict guidelines of a technique according to the specific needs of each client.


In Candace’s own words, 'BQH is powerful, heart-based, and above all: flexible. Practitioners and their clients are individuals; this method recognises and celebrates each unique perspective.'


BQH encourages practitioners to harness and apply all their skills and resources to the session in order to enhance the experience of the client. This allows for the ‘mixing’ or integration of various modalities, such as Reiki, crystals, sound healing, etc., as part of the BQH session experience.


The focus for the Practitioner is on using his / her intuitive abilities to facilitate the best possible healing experience for the client. As such, BQH is at the same time a technique in its own right as well as a platform for energy healers to add their own unique skills, methods and perspectives.

The name Beyond Quantum Healing was used to signify the ‘beyond’ aspect of BQH in comparison with the more formalised structure of the ‘pure’ QHHT® modality.


However, the creator of BHQ has repeatedly expressed her utmost respect for Dolores and her work stating that BQH in no way seeks to compete with or outdo QHHT®. On the contrary, Practitioners are free to facilitate QHHT® sessions if that is what their clients desire since BHQ as a platform allows for this to happen.

How is BQH different from QHHT®?

BQH and QHHT® share more similarities than differences, however, here are the main differences:

  • Practitioners offering insight and advice


QHHT® instructs practitioners not to give direct advice to clients throughout the session – rather, all relevant information and advice are expected to come from the client's Higher Self or from the client himself/ herself.


The focus is on allowing / encouraging clients to realise for themselves the connections between the occurrences and events in their lives. This understanding is very similar to the approach used by professional counsellors, and aims to help an individual reach his / her own conclusions as a starting point for the healing to take place. 


On the other hand, BQH allows for a Practitioner to share with clients insight, information 'downloads' or channelled messages from the spirit realms, which are relevant to the client's circumstances. Practitioners are allowed to utilise their intuition and inner guidance in choosing what to share with their clients and how to do that in the most beneficial way for the client.

  • Integration of additional techniques in the session

QHHT® follows a set of guidelines to ensure that Practitioners facilitate sessions exactly like Dolores did and to help uphold the purity and integrity of the original quantum healing approach developed by Dolores. As such, integrating additional healing modalities or techniques as part of a QHHT® session is not allowed.

On the other hand, BQH functions as both a technique in its own right, as well as a platform for healers to apply all their skills and resources in service to their clients. The ‘mixing’ of various healing techniques is not only permitted but encouraged provided this will enhance the benefits of the session for the client.


  • Online vs in-person sessions

The final and, in some ways, most significant difference between QHHT® and BQH is each modality’s view as to whether and how technology should be used to facilitate sessions.

QHHT® sessions must be conducted in-person only, and online or remote sessions are not allowed. This is a strict requirement for a session to be classified as QHHT®, and adherence to this requirement is monitored by the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy.

Conversely, BQH allows for sessions to be conducted over the Internet or by phone, in addition to in-person sessions.


This stems from the acknowledgement that there may be circumstances or situations where in-person sessions may be simply impossible to conduct for a number of reasons: due to the lack of QHHT® Practitioners in a particular area; the physical or mental state of an individual which may preclude them from being able to travel to the physical location of the nearest Practitioner; travel expenses or the time cost of travel, etc.


Some individuals may also prefer to have a session in the comfort of their own homes for various reasons. In all instances, the decision whether to have an online or an in-person session will be strictly individual.

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Is BQH or QHHT® better for me?

Both QHHT® and BQH are wonderful techniques yielding similar and oftentimes identical results.


I encourage my clients to choose the one that resonates best with them – I am happy to offer further insight into both techniques prior to an individual scheduling a session if the person finds it difficult to decide. 


We also have the option to change the direction of travel on the day of the session so there is no compulsion to settle for one or the other modality beforehand. 

In the end, more than the technique itself, what matters for the success of your session experience is choosing the right Practitioner for you. The heart connection and trust between client and Practitioner, rather than the procedural aspects of a session, are the foundational elements for a great session experience.

Refer to the Resources section under the BQH category to listen to Candace discuss in more detail the differences between the two modalities.

FAQs and How to Prepare for a Session

Please refer to the relevant sections under the QHHT® service offering. This applies to both QHHT® and BQH.

Further, refer to the
Resources section on this website as well as the series of videos discussing how to get ready for a BQH / quantum healing session accessible here.

More information about BQH

You can find more information about BQH at the official BQH website here, as well as under the Resources section.

My profile on the Worldwide Directory of Quantum Healers can be accessed here.


  • £250 for 5-7 hour session (no additional charge for overrunning as I charge per session and not hourly)

  • Concessions, sliding scale of cost or donation basis available in certain circumstances – please enquire at the time of booking.

  • Occasionally, I am happy to offer free sessions for research purposes, usually for individuals with rare medical conditions and/or where an individual has a strong connection with Higher Beings who wish to impart valuable information for the benefit of humanity. Please enquire at the time of booking.

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