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Energy Healing Complementary Therapy

Pranic Healing®

Energy Healing Complementary Therapy
Distant healing

£ 55

£ 45

£ 35

45 Min

60 Min

75 Min

Pranic Healing® does not require in-person sessions and can be performed over distance. This can take the form of an online session (Zoom, Teams, etc.) or through no direct contact at all between client and Practitioner.


In this case the only requirement is that the time of conducting the session should be pre-agreed so that the client can make arrangements to be in a peaceful and relaxed environment in order to increase his / her receptivity to the healing.

How does distant Pranic Healing® work? 

Distant Pranic Healing® is based on two principles:

  1. Interconnectedness – we are all connected to each other and to Gaia, which makes the healing possible; and

  2. Directability – energy follows where thought or intention is focused, which allows the energy to be directed to the right person even if he / she may not be in our immediate physical proximity.

If you would like to request distant healing for someone else (e.g., a family member, a friend, etc.), it is best to ask for their consent and permission first. This is in order to ensure healing is performed in line with their free will which may help accelerate the healing.

Cost for distant healing


45 Minutes - £35.00
60 Minutes - £45.00 
75 Minutes - £55.00

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