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Energy Healing Complementary Therapy

Pranic Healing®

Energy Healing Complementary Therapy
In- person sessions

£ 45

£ 55

£ 65

45 Min

60 Min

75 Min

Pranic Healing® is a highly evolved and systematic form of energy healing based on a tested scientific approach. Although an ancient science, in its modern-day form Pranic Healing® was developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui ("GMCKS") over a 30-year period of study, experimentation and validation. GMCKS had a vision of “Having a Pranic Healer in every Household”, and I share this vision.

What is Pranic Healing®?

Pranic Healing® utilises ‘prana’ to balance, harmonise and re-vitalise the body’s energy processes. Prana means 'life force' or 'vital energy' in Sanskrit. It is referred to as 'chi' by the Chinese and 'ki' by the Japanese (as in 'reiki'). It Hebrew it is called 'ruach', or 'the breath of life'.

This subtle energy is all around us and is the life-infusing factor in all living things –  it surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body giving it life and maintaining good health.


Every organ in the body is 'encased' in its own 'energy shell' which acts as a 'cushion', or protection, for the organ. When combined, these energy shells form our 'energy body' – also called etheric or bio-plasmic body, or perhaps better known as the 'aura'.


Imbalances in the processes and functioning of the physical body would first manifest as imbalances in our energy body – this is known as the principle of 'lag time' and explains why clairvoyants can easily sense or predict issues in the physical body by looking at the colour and density of the person's aura (the aura of the affected parts would appear murky or 'dirty' compared to other, healthy parts).

Pranic Healing® is a simple, yet very effective system of non-touch energy healing. It operates on the principle that our bodies are highly intelligent organisms with an inherent ability to self-heal and self-repair.


This process can be accelerated significantly by directing more life force, or vital force, to the affected part of the body which is then picked up and absorbed by the body's intelligence to the desired effect.

In Pranic Healing® the Practitioner works with the energy body of the client only and there is no need to touch the physical body (a notable difference from other forms of energy healing such as 'reiki') – the focus is on applying healing to the etheric body which is the ‘mould’ or ‘blueprint’ for the physical body.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

How can Pranic Healing® help? 

Pranic Healing® can be used to help in the healing of almost any type of physical or psychological condition through boosting the body’s intrinsic capability to heal itself.


A few examples of ailments that can be significantly improved through the application of Pranic Healing® include the following:

  • Physical ailments – various aches (ear-ache, toothache, etc.), nose bleeding, sore throat or laryngitis, asthma, back pain, common cold, cough, diabetes, fever, gastrointestinal disorders, headache / migraine, dysmenorrhoea and other menstrual issues, muscle cramps, burns, insomnia, skin allergies, glaucoma, heart ailments, sinusitis, respiratory ailments, hepatitis, ulcers, frequent urination, kidney issues, sexual impotence, infertility, arthritis, scoliosis, endocrine glands issues, etc.

  • Mental - emotional conditions: more generally, Pranic Healing® can be used to reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve immune function, handle relationships better and even increase finances.

Note: Pranic Healing® is a complementary healing modality working in conjunction with but not meant to replace conventional medicine.

How is Pranic Healing® different from Reiki?

Pranic Healing® and Reiki share many similarities – they are both forms of energy healing involving transference of energy to the client; however, there are some important differences as well:

  • Touch vs non-touch energy therapy

Very broadly, Reiki is a form of channelling or directing of Divine / Angelic healing energy from the Practitioner to the client by touch or through symbols. This Divine energy is subtle and powerful; however, it requires a certain level of receptivity by the client which may sometimes be difficult, especially in relation to the 'lower' chakras.


On the other hand, in Pranic Healing® the Practitioner makes use of prana readily available from the environment (prana is derived from the air, ground, the sun, and from food). Special colour prana may also be used in order to make certain chakras more receptive, which may accelerate the healing.

  • Benefits of 'scanning' and 'sweeping'


Pranic Healing® makes use of a 'scanning' technique which allows the Practitioner to scan the chakras and vital organs of the client and establish if there is pranic congestion ('too much energy') or pranic depletion ('too little energy'). This is followed by a thorough cleansing or 'sweeping' before transferring fresh prana to the chakra or organ through the process of 'energising'.

There is no scanning employed in Reiki – rather, the expectation is that the Divine energy will flow to where it is needed. While this approach may still be effective, the Practitioner is not required to establish or know what the affected parts may be.


Further, in Reiki the focus is on transferring fresh energy without first cleansing the affected part –  imagine pouring clean water into a cup with dirty water until the water in the cup gets clean, as opposed to extracting / neutralising the dirt first, before pouring in clean water.


This may sometimes give rise to what is called a 'radical reaction' in a client, i.e., the condition of a client may worsen at first before beginning to show improvement. Such radical reactions can be effectively neutralised in Pranic Healing® through the cleansing technique.

  • Number of chakras examined

Reiki refers to the seven chakra system while in Pranic Healing® the focus is on the 11 major chakras, i.e., Pranic Healing® introduces four additional chakras which are very important for healing.

  • Energy conduit vs drawing in prana from the environment

Lastly, in Reiki the Practitioner acts as a channeller of the Divine energy which requires the Practitioner to engage in a thorough self-healing and ongoing maintenance of his/her chakra system so that greater quantities of Divine Energy can be brought down and transferred onto the client.


A Reiki Practitioner may only see a limited number of clients per day in order to avoid overstrain due to acting as a channeller for the energy. Reiki requires physical touch for this transference of energy.

On the other hand, in Pranic Healing® the Practitioner does not act as an energy conduit but simply draws in and directs the energy from the environment to the client's energy body. This does not require the Practitioner to use his / her own energy, thus helping avoid overstrain or exhaustion on the part of  the Practitioner and allowing him / her to see more clients  per day. 

​Both Reiki and Pranic Healing® are effective, well-tested techniques, and I encourage my clients to choose the one that they feel more drawn to. 

What to expect in your first Pranic Healing® session?

We will discuss the symptoms you may be experiencing and I may ask you to fill in a confidential data sheet detailing these issues.

I will explain the principles behind Pranic Healing® and how it can help you.


I will then carry out a comprehensive assessment employing the scanning technique, followed by performing the required treatment using a specific protocol for your specific condition.

A positive change can be expected within the first treatment. However, it is recommended you book a minimum of three sessions for most ailments in order to ensure long lasting results.


In cases of severe ailments or chronic conditions, more sessions may be required – this will be discussed with you depending on individual circumstances.

More information about Pranic Healing®

You can find more information about Pranic Healing® here.

Cost (In-person sessions)

45 Minutes - £45.00
60 Minutes - £55.00 
75 Minutes - £65.00


  • For most ailments a 45 minute treatment will be sufficient. More time is required for severe ailments or chronic conditions.


  • Pranic Healing® can be applied distantly as well. Please see for the cost of distant healing sessions under the relevant offering under Services

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